Thursday, November 14, 2019

Become a Coach!

1. Complete and email in a Criminal Background Check form to (Allow up to 2 weeks for processing)

Note: There will not be a follow up email upon approval.

Please call the CYO office (210) 734-2620 to follow up on your background check

2. Complete the Coaching Coaches “Looking in the Mirror” online training program ($24.95)

Note: The “Looking in the Mirror” program will not be available until August 22nd

3.  Complete the Protecting God’s Children (OVASE) Online Training program (FREE)

(Select training date for live training or scroll to bottom to choose the online course)

4. Sign the Acknowledgement form that is attached to the Sexual Misconduct Handbook. The signature page can be signed in the CYO Main office when coach is receiving badge.

Once the two online courses are completed, and your background check has been approved by the Archdiocese HR Department, bring your Completed Coach Training Certificate and Protecting God’s Children Certificate to the CYO Office (2718 W Woodlawn)     Mon – Fri between 9 - 4 pm to take your picture and get your badge.

***Please note that your coaches badge must be worn in order to be on the field and/or gym. Failure to do so will no allow you to participate as a coach.

Pre-Game Opening Prayer

Father in Heaven, we ask your blessing

on the game we are about to play. 

Give each one of us the courage to play this game
in a manner which
by our words and our actions
is pleasing to you.

Let us enter into this competition
in a spirit of sportsmanship and
with a respect for the members of the opposing team.

We ask You, Father to bless each one of us,
especially the coaches, officials,
parents and players.

Keep us under the protection of your son, Jesus Christ,
and help us be aware of his presence with us in this game.


Post-Game Closing Prayer

Thank You Lord for this game.

We hope we played
and will always play
in a manner that is pleasing to you.


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